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Push Performance is a semi-private strength and conditioning facility built by athletes. We take a scientific approach to each program for healthier movement and life for the client. Push Performance is dedicated to bringing our positive hard working culture to each client that comes through the door.

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Traveling around the country I have come across many well-respected athletic trainers, I have found that DJ Edwards does a much better job of getting me prepared for my competition on the baseball field. He not only gets you warmed up and ready to begin your workout, but his warm-up itself helps build muscle and create endurance. DJ has experience both in personal and athletic training and has become a huge asset to me and my growing career. With the results and experience that DJ has, I would not want to work with anyone but him.

Kevin Gausman - Baltimore Orioles

I have been working out with DJ Edwards for two years now and not only has he helped make great strides with my body composition, strength and flexibility but he has become a good friend of mine. DJ is a self motivated trainer who’s passion is helping people reach their goals. You can tell this by the way he is constantly seeking out new and better ways to perfect his craft. I am always asking him questions and if he doesn’t know (which he usually does) he will find it out for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer and friend in DJ.

Tyler Sample - Pittsburgh Pirates




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