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A Reflection on the Past 7 Years

A Reflection on the Past 7 Years

Today Push Performance is 7 years old and it has been a crazy ride so far.

It all started in 2011 when I lost a job where I was training a few clients. Reasonably so, my wife Ashley was worried. We were getting married in a few months and had just signed a lease for our first apartment, but I reassured her that everything would be just fine. It would be fine because I had a vision, and I knew how to make this vision a reality.

I looked into places I could train my very limited clientele. I found a location that didn???t charge much. This place had zero culture and zero vision. I was training and trying to create a culture with my clients. The majority of clients were adults. Zero athletes. When I say majority, after a year I had built a small one on one client base of 5. I would not change that for the world. Still not satisfied, I knew there could be more. I was already working 4:30am to 9pm, six to seven days a week. Not training but learning, marketing, building relationships and forming a vision. If it was not for the adult population I had and still have to this day we would not be where we are today.
Each client said they would help in opening a facility, funding, setting up, etc. I found a business partner and he sold me the world. It lasted a year. His vision was not my vision, once again there was no culture. Failure after failure, getting sued, stressing and wanting to quit. I was learning. I was learning exactly what I needed to do.

Four years ago we opened our facility we are currently in. We had 5 athletes (you know who you are) the OG???s of Push Performance . Had 80% adult clients, of which everyone is still with us today. Adapting to a semi-private training model, those adults being a role model for each kid that walks through the doors. I can???t thank you enough for what you guys have done for Push Performance.

In the two past years we went from 1 or 2 coaches, including my self, to 5. We have gone from 5 or 6 baseball players to over 100.
This is not possible with out all the people that have been apart of the culture. You can see our culture, hear about our culture but you need to feel our culture to truly understand what we have. It is special. Our family is special. I am so thankful for our coaches, friends and athletes. Getting to this point has been anything but easy. Embracing the process and not the result and learning what patience really means have been huge keys in the success of building our brand. Along the way we have made many mistakes, that have helped mold us to who we are.

This has been the best seven years of my life hands down. Marrying my amazing wife, meeting my best friends, having the chance to wear gym clothes every day (mostly Lulu), buying, selling and buying houses, having two boys and gaining unbelievable opportunities.
Thank you to everyone. Let???s keep the momentum.