How do you build arm strength? .
Throwing is a fast powerful movement. It???s actually the fastest most dangerous move in sport. The thing is most high school and college pitchers don???t have the body frame to produce high velocity. The way to increase velocity is by building a foundation of strength that will allow the athlete to transfer a high amount of force into the throw. The force transfer starts from the floor, works its way to the trunk and finally goes to the arm, down the elbow and then to release. If there is any lack of strength in the kinetic chain, power will not transfer or will not be created.
??????force=??????Velocity .

This means that throwing more will not increase arm STRENGTH. Throwing more will increase endurance and condition a throwers arm. If throwing more made your arm stronger, then why aren???t guys getting stronger throughout a season? Why do they have more arm problems as they throw more?
Throwing more will increase the condition of your arm, increases muscular endurance, and create more efficient throwing patterns. .
Strength is the foundation of all things in sport. If you want to be powerful you need to have foundational strength and if you want to have endurance you need strength. Strength allows for muscular control and durability. There are different kinds of strength that your body needs. Absolute strength, strength speed, speed strength and last power. You can???t have any of those traits with out strength. .
Some guidelines before implementing our weighted ball programs: the athlete needs to be STRONG!

Inspired by Josh Heenan’s 90mph formula
-deadlift (2.5x???s BW)
-reverse lunges (Desired BW)
-eccentric chin up (10 second count)
-farmers carry (shows core stability and grip strength) .
Once the athlete can show they are strong we can implement the power component. Dominate the Sagittal plane first and we will add transverse planes.

The average weight of a pitcher that throws 90+ is 205lbs. Not all weight is created equal however. Lean mass is more important than fat mass. If you want to allow your body to throw as hard as it will allow you, you will need to increase your strength. .
Strength is and always will be King!