Now is the time of year when we see arm issues sky rocket. This can be due to many reasons. Most of the time it is due to lack of quality strength/throwing programs during the off-season or on-ramping too fast or not at all. This will cause the arm issues we see.

I read a great quote today by Sam Rayburn that applies to the strength and conditioning profession. “Any jackass can burn down a barn but it took a great carpenter to build it.” To me this meant anyone can build a workout but it takes a true technician to build an applicable program for an athlete that works. It takes education and experience to produce quality. We have seen over and over again coaches teaching arm care that don’t even know what the rotator cuff muscles are or the kinematics of the scap.

Sooooo…. Where do we start?

We first need to realize that arm care is total body care. We want to address the entire body not just the arm. Focusing on just the shoulder may do more harm than good. If we throw with the whole body we need to address the whole body.

You learn to roll and crawl before you stand and walk. We want to start each session from the ground up and work proximal to distal. Ankle mobility affects the knees stability, knee stability affects hip mobility, hip position affects rib cage position, rib cage position affects thoracic mobility, thoracic mobility affects scap positioning, scap positioning affects shoulder function, shoulder function determines shoulder health, consistent ball release and consistent velocity.

Losing force transfer due to poor ankles and hips happens often. The force is transferred from the ground up. Most of the transfer occurs through the core. Core stability plays a big part in arm health and velocity.

Stability vs mobility – what does the athlete need?

We want address the need of each athlete. Giving an athlete mobility when they are already hyper mobile will only hurt the athlete by decreasing stability. We want to know where to give mobility and if they even need the mobility. Arm care goes much further than just doing bands and running. Prescribe properly.

Now that you have the basis of what “Arm Care” consists of, please feel free to reach out and ask questions. If you would like to schedule an assessment feel free to contact us!

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