Blog- Do You Lift In-Season?

During the off season the foundation of strength that was built will be transferred to power, lateral movements and sprints. Strength is the foundation of all movement. The main goal in Phase Four which is our in season phase is to keep the athlete strong and healthy while understanding that baseball is priority. We do not want to be in the mind set of ???maintenance??? mode but want to continually get each athlete stronger. We do decrease the amount of lower body movements and focus a lot more on arm health and anterior core work. In this phase to volume as well as load are decreased. We usually do one or two heavier lifts a week, one lighter lift a week and a regeneration day week. With Higher sets and lower reps we are able to still gain strength and develop. Obviously the lifts differ from our pitchers who are starters and relievers as well as our starting position players and our non-starters. We can map out the starters lifts knowing when they throw and play but the relievers and non-starters need to be ready to play at any time. Out lifts only last around 45 minutes in season. The guys will spend about 15 minutes on moblites and regeneration then jump into around a 30-minute session. Some days may vary if they have a scheduled arm care day or if a pitcher threw the day before. The biggest thing we address is shoulder stability and arm health. As we know every time you throw a baseball the capsule of the shoulder becomes less stable and increases humeral gliding anterior or superior. Another factor we see is the loss of scapular upward rotation through the course of the season. This is where our wall slide variations and thoracic mobility comes into play during the in season program. What ever stuff we add to a program we need to take out as much. We do not want to build too much stress. This goes along with decreasing volume.

The thing that gets me is guys that have the old school mind set to shut down lifts in season. I have had kids tell me that coaches told them not to lift in season because they don???t want them to get tired. The reason we train all year is for the season. The season is the time where you need to be your strongest. Lifting will decrease breakdown and injury with the correct program. Lifting in season will also assist in getting the athlete out of every day repetitive movement of rotational work in baseball. So with that we may add med ball or other rotational work for a right handed athlete to mimic a left handed athlete.
Then on the other hand we have the guys that get the process and buy in. These are more than likely our elite level guys that understand how it works. They come in and do their arm care program, motilities, stabilities and strength lifts.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at . We hope to continue to spread the word on how important an in-season strength program is to an individuals success at all levels.

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