Since 1990


Traveling around the country I have come across many well-respected athletic trainers, I have found that DJ Edwards does a much better job of getting me prepared for my competition on the baseball field. He not only gets you warmed up and ready to begin your workout, but his warm-up itself helps build muscle and create endurance. DJ has experience both in personal and athletic training and has become a huge asset to me and my growing career. With the results and experience that DJ has, I would not want to work with anyone but him.

Kevin Gausman - Baltimore Orioles

I have been working out with DJ Edwards for two years now and not only has he helped make great strides with my body composition, strength and flexibility but he has become a good friend of mine. DJ is a self motivated trainer who’s passion is helping people reach their goals. You can tell this by the way he is constantly seeking out new and better ways to perfect his craft. I am always asking him questions and if he doesn’t know (which he usually does) he will find it out for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer and friend in DJ.

Tyler Sample - Pittsburgh Pirates

DJ has been awesome and a great person to learn from! My arm as well as my entire body have never felt better. This off season program has been great, I’ve gotten much stronger because of it. He’s always there if you need something and that I think makes him stand out from other trainers. I’m lucky to have found someone like DJ and the people at Push Performance who really care about there jobs and the effort they put in to help you advance in your career!

Austin Urban - Baltimore Orioles

DJ Edwards and the rest of the staff at Push Performance have provided me with in-depth, individual instruction to help me improve my performance on the mound in competition. I first came to PP just looking to work on specific movements, but found myself making gains with both body functionality and overall strength. Push Performance offers an energetic, innovative and detailed program that I believe can help baseball players of any age elevate their game.

Mitch Horacek - Baltimore Orioles

My time at Push Performance has been by far one of the best off seasons of my career. DJ Edwards is one of the most advanced athletic personal trainers I have ever worked with. He is a dedicated individual when it comes to your workout and overall goals. I have noticed a large impact on my abilities over the short time I’ve been here and am grateful for everything he has done for me. Push Performance is just a fun and upbeat place to be where one can get a good workout daily and the diet advice needed to change your life.

Evan Anundsen

Working with DJ has definitely helped my career. I feel stronger than I ever have. DJ will help you accomplish whatever goals you may have through his workouts. DJ comes prepared every day and researches new lifts and exercises to get results. I am so happy to be a part of the Push Performance team.

Jared Schlahuber - Kansas City Royals

Throughout my career I’ve spent numerous hours preparing my body for competition. I have competed on a number of levels but the greatest success came for me, when I started training with DJ Edwards and the Push Performance Team. After two years of training from a DIV 1 A head strength coach I believed I had reached my physical peak. Once Push Performance took over I noticed a tremendous gain in strength, speed, and agility. Thanks to DJ I was able to earn AII-American Honors as a Sophomore at Colorado State University.

Ricky Brewer - CSU Football

There is no doubt in my mind that working with DJ not only helped me gain and sustain strength but also kept my body in a position to stay healthy throughout my athletic season, even after coming off of a shoulder surgery. As a D1 athlete, I have trained with several trainers and DJ easily surpasses expectations set by any of them. He has new material every day which takes to monotony out of just working out, and the environment he trains in makes training something I would look forward to on a daily basis. In my opinion there is nobody better, and I definitely don’t see myself working with anyone except the Push Performance crew.

Alec Smith - Oral Roberts University

I’m not a gym guy or even a personal trainer guy, never have been, but when my wife and I decided to give it a try, DJ was the perfect man for the job. He was really interested in what we wanted to get out of our sessions. He wanted to know what sports l play (Ice Hockey) and what my eating habits were like. I like DJ because he isn’t the stereotypical “Muscle-head”. He isn’t a “Yeller” of drill sergeant-type. He is very encouraging and his passion to help people comes through in how he does his job. I’ve seen him train athletes and chunky grandmothers. He is empathetic to what their individual needs are and crafts a program around their specific needs. He keeps the work out very fresh, utilizing some fun, non-traditional approaches to getting fit. Think Rocky 4, but without the Siberian landscape!! Since my wife and I have been going to him we have lost between 5-7% body fat, and just feel better than ever. We look pretty good for a couple of 40-year-oIds and we owe it all to him and his commitment to us to reach our goals! Thanks DeeJay!!

Chris A. - Business Director, Client since 2009

Walking into push is so different from walking into any other gym. You walk in to a great group of people that is nothing but friendly. DJ turn from a stranger to a best friend within the first seconds of walking in. He has an amazing relationship with all of his guys! He not only cares so much about that but getting them better! The number of D1 and pro guys he has is unreal and we wouldn’t be anywhere near that without him and his program. I started at a junior, small skinny kid that was average. Now working with him for 2 years now I went from 83mph being average on my really good team to 90-93 my senior year and now playing with the Chicago Cubs organization and I can’t tell anyone enough that I wouldn’t be anywhere near pro ball without him. He takes your first day to evaluate you and see your strangers and weaknesses then makes you your own program a program you come in everyday and look at and work off of. It was a great way getting me prepared for pro ball. I can’t thank DJ enough for everything he has done for me. Not only is he my trainer but I can honestly say he is one of my best friends. And I plan to live with him in this coming off season. I don’t think you can find anyone like him in the whole nation. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to play college or pro ball to get a head start and get better baseball football basketball any sport he does them all and he will prepare your program according to the season you are in.

Nate Sweeney - Chicago Cubs